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There has been a  lot of traffic lately on Terry Jones’ plan to have a ‘burn a Koran day’ — a fun time for all the family.  I had wanted to write something reflecting my thoughts on this and had actually started but was struggling with it — it was turning into a novel.  Then I tripped across this post that said to so much better and a  whole lot shorter too.  It comes from the Rev Dr Andrew Cameron, chair of the Social Issues Executive of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and is available on their web site. (more…)


An atricle I pinched from Beth Barnett from the Baptist Union of Victoria.  It is part of a larger article that can be found here.

It is generally assumed in our culture that kids will find church boring. It is lampooned in movies and sitcoms, and most of our churches behave as if it were true as well. There seems to be a tacit agreement somewhere in the ether that church is meant to be for grown ups, and that kids will find that boring.

So lets leave that to Hollywood, along with their blond haired blue eyed Jesus, and get on with what weknow, as followers of Jesus (not the blue eyed one) to be reality. (more…)

Today we look at another of the followers of Jesus.  This story comes in two parts.  The first part is about a man getting stuck with a  new nickname.  The second part is about us also getting a  new moniker.

Sometimes it seems that God is in the business of changing names, and all that a  name stands for.

Oh, there is  third bit to the story; just to tie up the loose ends.

Abram  = high father – Abraham = father of many

Genesis 17:4  I promise that you will be the father of many nations. That’s why I now change your name from Abram to Abraham.

Sarai  = princess – Sarah = Mistress princess

Genesis 17:15-16  Abraham, your wife’s name will now be Sarah instead of Sarai.  (16) I will bless her, and you will have a son by her. She will become the mother of nations, and some of her descendants will even be kings.

Jacob  =heel catcher – cheat  – Israel  = struggled with God

Genesis 32:28  The man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob. You have wrestled with God and with men, and you have won. That’s why your name will be Israel.”

Simon listener – Peter Rock

John 1:41-42  The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother and tell him, “We have found the Messiah!” The Hebrew word “Messiah” means the same as the Greek word “Christ.”  (42) Andrew brought his brother to Jesus. And when Jesus saw him, he said, “Simon son of John, you will be called Cephas.” This name can be translated as “Peter.


An Uncanny Resemblance

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Amongst our little community of faith we have these sort of ‘Icons’,  word pictures that help us to understand, contemplate and worship God in Christ.  One that we use a bit is the idea of being ‘Jesus with skin on’.

We picked it up from the story of a  little girl who was frightened by thunder storms. (more…)

Last week at our  evaluation meeting I mentioned the Shellharbour Council Good Neighbour Awards and the nominations that are currently open for them.  This a  yearly event that is coordinated by council and sponsored by a  number of businesses and community organisations.  It pulls a  fair crowd and the number of nominations is impressive.  Everyone who is nominated gets some from of recognition.

For the locals reading this, next week we will have some nomination forms available  at our gathering but I though why wait ‘till then?  A nomination form in PDF can be downloaded from the council website here.  You can print one or as many as you would like.  I have just spent an hour writing up half a  dozen (a metric half dozen that is) so I have set a  standard.  Mind you, I haven’t finished yet!   (more…)

They didn’t always have dinner plates behind their heads.

Something I have been thinking about for a while now is to do a series of messages on the followers of Jesus.  I started out thinking about the 12 disciples but as I thought about it a bit more I though there are a few others in the list that are worthy of a mention.

The idea behind telling these stories is that the followers of Jesus, as we read about them in the Bible, are pretty ordinary people just like us.  My hope is that as we look at the lives of these men and women we will be challenged by their faithfulness, encouraged by their determination and that we too may hear the voice of Jesus call us to follow him afresh or even for the first time. (more…)

Now where did that go?

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Last Sunday I was writing a quick blog on how our gathering went while it was all still fresh in my head. I was time limited as I was off to my annual Pastors’ Renewal Retreat within a but a few minutes, but I wanted to get it done anyway, somewhat to the chagrin of my wife. Not only was I time limited but also speed-limited; my inter-net being throttled back having gone over my 20G limit about 10 days into the monthly period.

Anyway, having pressed the publish button with only seconds to spare and then to wait for the page to reload I was sadly disappointed to see that absolutely nothing was there.

With it no longer being fresh in my mind, last Sunday’s gathering will have to be just a secret shared between those who were there.  Suffice to say that we worked of a  different agenda and it seemed make a  difference.

As to the Retreat, watch this space.  I plan to write something up on it while not breaking any confidences.  What happens at retreat stays at retreat!