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I have suggested that Church sits somewhere between accident and design.  Today I want to pursue that I little bit further.  Today I want to look at the idea that church comes out of design; we can get to the accidental bits later.

Before we even get to the design stage I want o look briefly at the designer.  Whose idea is the church in the first place? (more…)

We’re back!

Posted: 5 February, 2011 in My stuff

The view from the top - Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Hi everyone, we’re back.  Karen and I took some long service leave and bit the bullet with five weeks in Europe (with a couple of days in Beijing, China on the way there).  Most of our time was spent in Italy and France and most of our time in France was spent in Paris.

I wrote (actually, I am still writing) a  travel blog which you can find here and I promise to get it finished some time soon so that both of my regular readers can get to the end of the story.



Accident or design?

Today I want to make some mention of church as being somewhere between accident and design.  In saying this I am not suggesting that God is not sovereign in his intention to build his church and use it to his purposes.  I am suggesting that sometimes, from our limited point of view (which sometimes includes the benefit of hindsight) there appears to be an ebb and flow between failure and success, tragedy and triumph, degradation and glory in the history of and sometime our own experience of the church


For many of us those dichotomies will be different to what others see.  My triumph may be someone else’s tragedy.   What we perceive as accident may in fact be part of the great design and some of our ‘design improvements’ may in fact be absolute disasters.  But that is from our perspective.  Jesus, to whom the church belongs and who is the master builder, may see things differently. (more…)