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Cocaine tablets (1900)

All stage actors, singers teachers and preachers had to have them for maximum performance.

Great to “smooth” the voice.   Not to mention the nerves!!


There have been a  huge number of predictions of the end of the world; some from some from science, some from faith and some just from crackpots of either persuasion.

Harold Camping is the most recent, and according to his predictions the most urgent as well.

He is predicting that the beginning of the end will start tomorrow 21 May 2011.   (more…)

Where's the preacher?

Today we were meant to have Steve and Miriam Bevis with us; unfortunately they have been called away by family issues.  Steve has spoken briefly to Brian and has said he will come back down at our earliest convenience.

Following our May is Mission Month theme, today we watch and respond. (more…)

May is Mission Month - a nice use of alliteration!

May is Mission Month.  The Baptists churches in NSW, to the best of my knowledge, for no particularly good reason apart from the alliteration on the letter M, set aside May as a month to focus on mission; to learn about, to be reminded of, to be encouraged to, and to be active in mission.

A few years ago there was a lady named Brenda who met with and worshipped among us.  She is a delightful lady, with a delightful, if not somewhat over-active boy named Benny.  Some of us will remember them.  In the lead up to her first May among us I mentioned that May was Mission Month.  After the gathering she came up to me and said she was very uncomfortable with the thought of talking about mission.  Now, as you might well imagine, I was somewhat put back by this.  As I have said I am not a man to sit on my hands and do nothing; for me being a follower of Jesus has always meant to be involved in some form of mission.

I asked her what it was about Christian mission that she felt uncomfortable with.  I think I was sort of expecting that she was frightened that she was going to asked to do doorknocks or preach on street corners or something.  Or perhaps, as some people believe, that she though sharing the Gospel with others was not our job – it being the Holy Spirit’s job to convict and call people to repentance.

There were a bunch of stray thoughts going through my head as to why Brenda would be uncomfortable with talking about mission. Her answer caught me off guard. (more…)