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We have been looking at the question, ‘What’s so good about the Good News?’ and, strangely enough, we have been sort of working our way through Mark’s Gospel.  We have noticed that Mark seems to run his stories into each other and that there is a  larger and deeper meaning from reading the stories together rather than reading them individually,  (see the the last couple of posts for examples).

Today we have not two but three stores that collide into each other.  However I am only going to look at two of them today due to available time.   (more…)


This arrived in my regular email.  I could have deleted it, that would have been easy.  However, I was uneasy with what it was saying and how it was saying it.  So I ‘replied to all’!

My response is below…

There are 340 393 Muslims in Australia.  More than a  third of them were born here with 10% of them being third generation.  For the 1/3 born in Australia this is the only country they have known as home.  (more…)

Last week I sang and spoke in much the same manner; that is without any real notes.  The passage we looked at is a favourite of mine and I am probably overly familiar with it.  It was a  follow-on from last week’s message and again came from the Gospel of Mark.

Like last week’s passage this week’s is a double story; two stories cleverly woven together.  Each story powerful on its own but together their power is amplified and a deeper meaning is there to be seen.

We are asking the question, “how much faith is enough and what does that look like?”


In Marks Gospel, which is the Gospel we are drawing today’s passage from, the writer says a few times that Jesus taught either the crowds or the disciples.  Yet when you look at these passages where Jesus teaches the crowds Mark mentions that Jesus taught people and but rarely does he record what he taught them.  It would appear that Mark is more likely to record how Jesus acted rather than what he said. It would appear that through these actions Mark most often shows Jesus’ teaching.

Today we look at two such actions; interestingly they both teach the same thing – well sort of.  At our gathering I read them and asked questions so that we could all could participate (even vicariously) in the process of discovering what it is that Jesus is telling us (or that Mark is telling us that Jesus is showing us!) (more…)

“Stubborn Ounces”
(To One Who Doubts the Worth of
Doing Anything If You Can’t Do Everything)
By Bonaro W. Overstreet

You say the Little efforts that I make
will do no good: they never will prevail
to tip the hovering scale
where Justice hangs in balance.

I don’t think I ever thought they would.
But I am prejudiced beyond debate
in favor of my right to choose which side
shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight.