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I am off to Black Stump this weekend.  I am bit of a self-confessed ‘Stump tragic.  I have been to all of them since 1985 except for three perhaps four.  I would normally say two perhaps three but this is written and one day someone may look it up and call me a fibber.  (more…)


In my preparation for yesterday’s gathering I though to myself, ‘The last thing I need to forget is my message notes’.  And the last thing I forgot was…?

So, this message we shared with no notes in front of me.  So any relationship between this and the spoken message is purely accidental.

This is the part one of a two part  message.


Two beat rhythm

We live within a two beat rhythm of call and response.  God calls and we respond.  God is always the initiator; he always goes first.  God is the prime cause; everything else is response.  Everything!

The story of our faith from beginning to end is none of call and response.   Each one of us has been called.  It is now up to each one of us to respond.


God called Abraham

2,000 years before Jesus; 4,000 years before you and I.  In Ur of the Chaldees; on the Euphrates River in modern day Iraq.

We read about Abraham in the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings, which is the first book in the Old Testament.  His story follows on in order from the two creation stories, the fall, mankind’s moral decline leading to Noah and the flood, the building of the tower of Babel and God’s scattering of the nations.  The Bible story gives us no good reason as to why God calls Abraham apart from he wanted to.  Abraham’s life and behaviour did not call out to God.  God called out to Abraham.