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It is Christmas day.  The celebration, the remembrance of the birth of Jesus – Emmanuel, God with us.

God is not stepping back and calling us to come towards him but stepping forward and joining us where we are.  In all of our muck and mess God still loves us.   Even though there is a distance between us God still loves us.  The distance between us, the separation between God and humanity, the separation we feel between our self and God, is of our own making.  Sin has separated us; nothing other than sin.  We are the ones who have walked away.  We are the rebels.  Yet God still loves us. (more…)


God is breaking four hundred years of silence.  He begins by sending  a message to Zachariah the priest and then closing his mouth so he can’t speak: God is going to do what God is going to do.

Then he sends his messenger to a young girl, Mary, who responds in absolute trust even though there is great risk attached.

Mary carries the Son of God inside her.  Towards the end of her pregnancy events impact her life. (more…)

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A good collection from a Facebook friend: (more…)

Have you ever had to wait for something?   Not just any something but a really important something.

Four hundred years and no real word from God.  God’s people were waiting.  From their scriptures they could see that God brought them through judgement but had promised them a future.  That at the ‘Day of the Lord’ God’s promised Messiah would come and take the throne of David and rescue and redeem them from all of their enemies.  It was for this that they waited, hoped and longed for.

One day God would break his silence.  One day God would intervene.  One day God would rescue his people from foreign oppression.  One day God would make them his exclusive people again.

And so they waited. (more…)

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“…remember that committed Christians, left wing activists and right wing fundamentalists alike, are numerically insignificant in Australia, even in terms of religion. To recognize that the nominals – those who retain a religious identity but don’t retain much religious knowledge – are the battleground of identity politics whether we like it or not. And if we wish to combat xenophobia, its with the religiously naive majority that we need to start.” (more…)

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We like to be loved but we don’t like to be called. We want privilege but not responsibility. (more…)

The Jews returned from exile in Babylon.  Having reinvented themselves there with the discovery and commitment to what was to become the Old Testament and a new commitment to faithful and pure temple worship we imaging that the future looks bright.

Ezra the priest and Nehemiah the Governor work among the returned exiles and those who stayed to bring them back to the law of God and the dignity of the nation.  Yet they were still a client-state of the Persian Empire; under the rule and paying hefty taxes to their Persian overlords. (more…)