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Posted: 29 February, 2012 in Other people's stuff

Failure and struggle are part of being church. (more…)

 the words in the order in which they appear: “Peter then to them, ‘Repent’ said ‘and be-baptized each-of you in the name of-Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins your and you-will-receive the gift of-the Holy Spirit.’”We have begun to look at the church from its birthday (the day of Pentecost) and have seen that at Pentecost the curse of Babel was broken, that the Spirit replaces the Law among God’s and that this was just the beginning of the harvest to righteousness. God’s promises to his people were being fulfilled and God’s new people, under his new covenant signed with the blood of Jesus were now a part God’s work in the world.

AND 3,000 were added to the number of followers of Jesus!

So what happened next? (more…)

Perhaps we are a community of ‘biggest losers’ who take the path of least resistance so often that to move in the opposite direction appears to be a monumental effort. (more…)

Continuing on from Acts chapter 2, we look at some of  the often overlooked background that shows the depth of what was happening at the birth of the church.

The curse of babel has been reversed – we can be friends with God and each other and we can live in cooperation and harmony together.

God is fulfilling his purpose and promise and the Spirit is lavishly poured out on his people – God is with us; among us and in us.  As the law was to the liberation from Egypt so the Spirit is to the liberation from sin and death

There is a third thing that is happening in Acts 2.  It tells us something about Jesus, something about us and something about what Jesus calls us to be and do. (more…)

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Posted: 16 February, 2012 in Other people's stuff

“The choices you make here really do matter. There’s part of me that would love to be a Universalist and say, ‘It’ll be all right, everyone will get there [heaven] in the end.’ I actually think the choices you make in the present are more important than that.” (more…)

The church was born at Pentecost.  The church is born of the Spirit of God.  Acts chapter 2 is the story of the coming of the Spirit.  While it is one  coherent story there are three themes that run through that story.  Last week we looked at the idea of the reversing of the curse of Babel, a curse that also carries a blessing (but that is for another time).  Today we look at the relationship of Passover to Pentecost and  law to grace.   (more…)

…the experience of God in the ordinary: the incarnation of the maker of the universe within the temporal, messy world in which we live and love. (more…)