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While I was away last week at the Surrender conference in Melbourne, Jackie gave the message at the Gathering.  This is the first in  a series of messages on the Beatitudes and serves as an introduction and overview.

So be blessed and read on…. (more…)


I would like to preach a sermon one day and call it, “The Challenge to be Mediocre for Jesus.” (more…)


Posted: 19 March, 2012 in My stuff

Glenda Adamson was baptised on Sunday 4th of March 2012 at the boat-harbour, Shellharbour NSW.

It was a  long time coming but we got there.  Glenda is not overly fond of water but braved the cool day and the (initially) cold water to do what she believed she needed to do.

Se was very bouyant and I had to push her under.  She still loves me anyway.

Thanks to all those who came to witness and support her in her public profession of faith.

If you believe that this world was created and that humans were created as a special part of it, then surely a love for the creator must involve a fascination for the creation and a desire to understand its astonishing and intricate workings. (more…)

“Someone said…”

Posted: 13 March, 2012 in Other people's stuff

…what are the best ways to help those living in developing countries By “best,” I mean most effective: things that actually help people rise out of poverty, and that carry with them a sizable “bang for your buck”—programs in which the impact on the poor is significant per donated dollar. (more…)

As we continue to look at what is was and is to be the church I introduced this week’s message with a couple of quotes; one from a  friend and the other from a blog.  It was interesting to me that these two comments popped up on my laptop at about the same time and each one had the same idea behind it.

The first one popped up on Facebook.  It was from a  friend of mine and was a  comment on one of my status updates.

I had said that I was up (early) and was preparing for that day’s gathering.  My friend responded with… (more…)

We may acknowledge in our minds that we are all sinners, but, for most of us, that does compute to the idea that we are also failures. And, anyway, we have quite a lot of things going for us, we think… (more…)