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God; Transactional – as if!

Posted: 24 September, 2012 in My stuff

Last week we looked very briefly at the idea of transactional faith; that we do things to get a response from God.  A bit like buying or selling something.

We looked at the story from Mark’s gospel in which Jesus has a massive dummy spit and challenges the transactional practices of faith that were being played out in the temple courts day in, day out.  It was not that they were buying and selling but that their whole attitude to their relationship with God was one of (more…)


A Transactional Analysis

Posted: 20 September, 2012 in My stuff

Frank Pember – far right of photo at his shop in Rockhampton Queensland.

My dad sold fruit.  His dad sold fruit.  I think the fruit selling gene passed me by, although, I must admit that I have considered selling fruit on a few occasions; I think it is learned behaviour and as a learned behaviour, it can be unlearned.

My dad was good at selling fruit.  He knew all his customers by name, at least the regulars.  And those who weren’t regulars soon became  regulars because  my dad would make sure they got something for nothing.  If they had kids with then he made sure the kids got something  just for them.  My dad did not really like kids but he knew there was nothing quite so powerful as a whinging kid in the back of the car wanting to go to the fruit shop where they got a lolly or an ice-block for nothing. (more…)