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The Door of Humility, entrance to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.There is a church in Bethlehem built over the site where tradition holds that Jesus was born.   If you want to go into that church to see the spot you have to enter through the front door of the church.  Unlike most churches is one is not ‘seeker sensitive’.  The door to the church is not high and wide. The door to the church is only a meter and bit high and less than a metre wide.  It is known as the ‘door of humility’.  (more…)


Reading the passage this week I was struck by the humanness of it all.

A real letter from a real person to a number of other very real people.  People just like us in so many ways.

I think that sometimes we get distracted by the fact that we are reading the Bible.  That somehow just reading it is enough.  The first time I read the Bible that was all I was doing – reading it. I was not understanding what I was reading and probably
not even really trying to.  I thought that just reading it was enough.

But now I read because I want to understand.  And because I want to understand I do, to some degree at least.  It’s the wanting to that makes the difference.
Mind you, only part of my understanding comes from reading.  A lot of what I know comes from (more…)

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Church is centrifugal. Coming together is important. However, the force at the center isn’t magnetic—it is dynamic. It doesn’t attract and hold; it propels and directs. There can be no inertia when one’s definition of “church” is how I and my friends are living on the front lines. (more…)

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‘The future is not a destination toward which we are passively approaching, it is the product of our actions today and our determination to make something better happen tomorrow’  — Graham Brown (more…)

Brian has been talking about our faith and we have been challenged by comments at our recent Church Family meeting about our relationship to God. In Brian’s terms do we have a transactional faith – do we basically bargain with God? If I do this for you God will you do this for me?

Last  week Brian looked at the first half of the first chapter of Ephesians. He suggested I might like to continue to look at Ephesians and I was drawn to the first half of chapter 2 because I felt that it expanded on the idea that faith is not transactional.

Ephesians 2: 1- 10 (more…)