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christian quotes“…when I am asked “What is your position on LGBTQ sexual relations?” I respond by saying “I don’t have one.” (more…)


christian quotesI sometimes talk to atheists & agnostics who point to the sheer size of the universe, and claim that our smallness and apparent insignificance is evidence against the existence of God. I’ve always thought to myself, in response, “what better way for an infinite, all-powerful Being to express Himself to us, than to surround us with mind-numbing vastness and beauty?” (more…)

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christian quotes…we, as parents, as aunts and uncles and as communities that help shape a child’s life, can choose to repeat the same stories or to tell new ones. We can hand down the hatred of our parents’ parents, we can pass on the hate that we have come to embrace, or we can re-write the script. (more…)