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Posted: 16 December, 2013 in My stuff

The government is determined to deliver on its promise to be cruel to asylum seekers, in order to persuade them to return to persecution instead of suffering whatever misery we can inflict on them. But it is also concerned to make sure that we are kept in the dark about it because most Australians would be disgusted at the way we are mistreating human beings who have done nothing worse than ask for protection from persecution.

Julian Burnside

from a  Facebook post – 16 December 2013

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I was sitting at a Christmas Dinner Party and the person next to me at the time was telling me about a common friend of ours who was involved in some Christian outreach overseas. Not a bad thing in and of itself. My fellow dinner guest said it was such a good thing that they were ‘helping the disadvantaged’.

My first thought was (more…)