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The next right thingSo today we come to the story of Jesus and his preparation for Easter. We are jumping into the story almost right in the middle. There are four stories of the life of Jesus; not quite biography – although they have a bit of that, and not quite history – although they have a bit of that too. These stories are known as Gospels and we know them by the names of the people who wrote them – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The word Gospel in its original language means ‘good news’ and back in the day it was understood to be a proclamation of some important event that would change things for ever and for everybody. (more…)


God + BIg BangMany people tell the that they don’t believe in god.  When I ask them about the god they don’t believe in they so often give me description of god that I don’t believe in either.

Conversations about god crop up all the time.  Perhaps it’s because I look for them.  Perhaps it is because other people also look for them with someone.  Perhaps there is more god-consciousness around than most people think.  Either way – or both – I get into a lot of conversations where god comes up.

Probably the most common opening line is ‘I don’t believe god created the world in six days’ and therefore, by implication, ‘I don’t believe in god’.

The second is like it; ‘I believe in science so I can’t believe in god’.

Following hot on the heals of these two are the ‘how can I believe in a good god when there is so much evil in the world’ comments. (more…)

signpostsIn my last post I talked a bit about new beginnings, the Jewish festival of Passover, and our need to know where we have come from so we have a better idea of who we are and why we are here.

Some of us have found some sort of faith in Jesus but still don’t really know the story. Others of us have been reluctant to dive into the whole Jesus and God thing also because we don’t know the story.  On the Thursday night before Good Friday Karen and I will be putting on a Passover meal that looks back at the Jewish roots of the Jesus story and the new beginning that Jesus brought about among his friends at his last meal with them before his death.

This is more a demonstration than a  religious rite, yet it gives an insight into a significant part of the Jesus story.  I you would like to join us for that meal – and it’s a lamb roast! – we would be very happy to have you.  There is a cost of $20 per head to cover the meal and the preparation time,but don’t let money stop you, or the lack of it get in the road.  Numbers are limited to twelve so get in quick. This goes to my blog-readers first, then my Facebook friends in  week’s time.

Email me at or post  comment here.


Our origin stories are important. They tell us who we are. Every culture that has a belief in a god (which is every culture that we know of) also has an origin story. It seems the  question ‘Where did we come from?’ is vital to our psyche. ‘Why are we here?’ is the next question we ask. So where have we come from and what are we here for are the questions that come from somewhere in the core of our being, unlike questions like ’What’s for lunch?’ and ‘What am I doing on the weekend?’ (more…)

What’s in a Name?

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Noun 2In school I was taught about nouns. A noun is the word we use for a person, place, thing, state or quality.  A noun is the things name. There are common nouns and proper nouns. Common nouns the ordinary things; door, dog, coffee cup, pen, book, window… if you can name it, you are using a noun. Proper nouns are the names of particular things, usually people or places. Proper nouns usually have a capital. Brian, Karen, Warilla, Kojo (the dog), Lenovo (my laptop), … you get the idea.

hippoI have often wondered about the origin of the names we give things. (more…)

I get lots of opportunities to talk to people about faith, and God, and Jesus, and Gospel. I suppose it is what I do. Like I said, it’s like ‘a fire in my bones’ and, like Jeremiah I am tired of trying to hold it in, indeed I can not.

“…if I say, “I will not mention his word
or speak any more in his name,”
his word is in my heart like a fire,
a fire shut up in my bones.
I am weary of holding it in;
indeed, I cannot.”


Talking with people I often get the idea that lot’s of my friends, Christian and otherwise, hold the idea that there is all this stuff that god wants us to do, and it’s often stuff that we find irrelevant and purposeless. (more…)

Here I am.

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ClockIt’s 1.30am. The night is warm. The dog is barking. I am awake.

As is often the case I am thinking of what I have not yet done. This blog-post is at the forefront of my thinking. As I consider why it is that way a mixed bag of motives spills out across my consciousness. None particularly noble.

Life has recently changed for me. I think it is for the good. None the less the changes have me in a state of flux. This blog is preparing me for Easter and I invited you along for the journey. I really want to do justice to my own preparation and I also want to offer something to you that is of some value. I have told you I don’t want to get all ‘preachy’ but I find myself wanting to talk about faith, and God, and Jesus, and Gospel. This has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. At first I wanted to argue against it, then I ran away from it, then I gave in and it has been a fire in my bones ever since. It has been the thing that shaped me and continues to shape me. I can’t escape it nor do I really want to. Having seen I can’t unsee. Having tasted I can’t untaste. (more…)