Contrary to what my email address indicates, I am  neither a  Rev nor a  Dr.  I was for a time the pastor of a church in a working class area that was attempting to regain some credibility among the working class.

I struggle with boxes and labels and am unwilling to describe myself in any of the usual religious terms; they all come loaded and could go off at any time.  At best I  am  a recovering evangelical.

I want to be involved in just about everything and, as a  result of this, spread myself a  bit thin.

As well as once pastoring a  church I am involved in community development and teaching community/youth work.

I am married to Karen and we have two boys, Jake and Dan both adults now, surprisingly!

We are buying an ex-Housing Commission fibro ‘n tile after having promised ourselves that we would get a weatherboard and tin home.  With the help of a  good friend, I  have recently added a  back landing to match the garden shed that I and few mates threw up a  few of years ago.  That has recently been matched with a  smaller front deck  (still unfinished).

My early life was fairly nomadic with that instability continuing into the first decade of marriage; we moved eleven times in our first eleven years.  We have have lived in our current digs for just over 18 years.  Prior to Christian Ministry I worked in hardware retail, as a  storeman, a pool cleaner/gardener,  a bus driver, labourer and a  concreter with spates of unemployment scattered throughout that period.  For three years I worked as an adolescent counsellor prior to taking up a position on the pastoral staff of a Baptist church.  I am currently between both jobs and churches.

I had written this in the third person but my very good friend Matt told me to be a  bit more honest and make it more personal by putting it in the first person.  He is probably right.  I have taken his advice.

  1. Gage says:

    You know the light of the world? Have you seen his face? I’m on the path, but I’m not with many. How can I know you are a prophet? Can you tell me about your family? If you can, I want to answer your questions of me. I was shown by the Ruach I was a prophet, Abba spoke to me when I was a lad. I have information for my brothers. Blessed be the peacemakers. Shalom. Please contact me if he tells you to.

  2. Maryanne says:

    Brian I am always humbled and inspired by you as a person and friend. Thank God every day for people like you that have made a difference to my journey of life.

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