A model of Herod's Temple

A model of Herod’s Temple

Luke does not give us a day to day account of Jesus movements during the week leading up to Passover.  I have broken chapters 20 and 21  into three sections rather arbitrarily. I will include the entire passages but I will not make comment on their entire contents. The chapters speak for themselves to some degree, as does the whole book of Luke. I encourage you to take your time and read to understand. Pause and ponder on the way. To the best of your ability put yourself in the text as an observer. Keep in mind that the original observers – Jesus’ follower/friends – didn’t get it all either. Read the rest of this entry »


Palm Sunday

Posted: 20 March, 2016 in My stuff

palm sunday - iconIn some churches today is known as Palm Sunday.  In many church bulletins and news sheets it will have the subtitle of ‘Jesus Triumphal Entry’.  I sometimes wonder if they have read the story as it stands.

On Jesus journey to Jerusalem this is the day that he enters that city.  Today, and for the rest of our journey with Jesus, I will be simply posting the story from Luke’s Gospel. I will provide a brief introduction and I will add some reflective comments at the end of each reading.  I invite you to reflect on what you read as well, and if you like, to mention some of those reflections in the comments. Read the rest of this entry »

The proper questionThe story goes that Jesus is approached by a man in a position of respect and authority. He has come to Jesus because he recognises him as a man of wisdom based on the quality of his character and his teaching. He is sincerely searching for some meaning to life and how that life can be worthy of the blessings of God.

For those of us who are in some way familiar with the Bible this story is known as the story of the rich, young ruler. For those of us who know it by that name we probably also miss the point of it completely. For those of us who may have never heard it before, we are the ones most likely to ask the questions that will lead to some understanding of it’s meaning. Read the rest of this entry »

Parable-Slider-608x227A parable is a short tale that illustrates a universal truth; it is a simple narrative. It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results. (Fowler, H.W. (1965). A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. London: Oxford University Press.)

Two thousand years before both H.W. Fowler and the Dictionary of Modern English Usage wise teachers were using parables to great effect. The parable, particularly those within the writings of the Bible, were considered an art form as much as a teaching device. They had a shape that was recognisable, they put forward one point, they often challenged the status quo, and most importantly they made people think! Read the rest of this entry »

Blackberry and gateWhen I was a kid there was a gate. On the other side of the gate there was a paddock. At the far end of the paddock was the bush. It was mostly paperbark trees with the occasional eucalypt and the usual low scrub. There was a well worn path through the bush and a couple of not so well worn alternatives. On the other side of the bush was friends and adventure.

On summer afternoons and weekends in general I so much wanted to be with friends and go on adventures. Read the rest of this entry »

ExpectationsWe live in a world of expectations. That future focus on what we think is likely to happen. Some of us expect the worst. Some of us expect the best. All of us expect something.

This world of expectation includes others expectations of us. From the get go our parents have expectations, hopes, dreams of what we will become and do. It is said that every generation lives out the dreams of their parents in some way or another. If our parents had wonderful, positive dreams of what could be we tend to achieve. If our parents life was a nightmare then we tend to live that out too. There will always be the exceptions. Read the rest of this entry »

Three men walk into a bar…

Posted: 6 March, 2016 in My stuff

The Fitzroy Football Club - Jack IrishThree men walk into a bar.  One asks for a schooner of Old, one for a schooner of New, and the other for a boutique beer.  The barman pours the beers and says, “That’ll be $20.40. Are you paying together or separately?”

No, it’s not funny.  It’s not meant to be.  It’s just to remind us that everything has a cost.  There is a price attached.  There is no such thing as a free lunch – or a free beer.

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem.  It’s public knowledge. He has sent people ahead to let everyone know.  He has been up front about everything.  He has even said to his follower/friends that when he gets to Jerusalem it will all end in tears.  But they didn’t know and were afraid to ask what this was all about.  There is the possibility that they really thought that he was going to Jerusalem to take some sort of control, to announce the arrival of the promised ‘age to come’. Read the rest of this entry »