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Thank you God for not making me a Gentile [dog], a woman or a slave. Talmud – Shabbath 86a-86b.

So in this daily prayer from the Jewish Talud of the early second century we see a reflection of the role and something of the status of women in the period of Jesus ministry.

Yet women are an integral part of the Gospel narrative.  From Mary the mother of Jesus to Mary Magdalene in the Garden, women feature in the story of Jesus.  It is not so much what they do or say it is more the fact that they are recorded as being there in the first place.    An argument could probably be put that if not for Jesus scandalous association with women and the early churches radical acceptance of women as equals in faith and life all the women here would probably be segregated from men other than their fathers and husbands, confined primarily to the home and wearing veils when in public. (more…)