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Defining moments -definitionI didn’t grow up in church.  I do however remember the day of my christening.  I was about three years old.

My parents had neglected to have me ‘done’ when I was a baby.  We were staying with friends in Brisbane.  They had a son about my age, perhaps a little older.  His name was Jack, and he was to be christened the next morning.  Over a few beers too many my father decided to make it a double-header.  Jack and I would be Christened together.  Each set of parents being god-parents to the others’ kid. (more…)


It is Christmas day.  The celebration, the remembrance of the birth of Jesus – Emmanuel, God with us.

God is not stepping back and calling us to come towards him but stepping forward and joining us where we are.  In all of our muck and mess God still loves us.   Even though there is a distance between us God still loves us.  The distance between us, the separation between God and humanity, the separation we feel between our self and God, is of our own making.  Sin has separated us; nothing other than sin.  We are the ones who have walked away.  We are the rebels.  Yet God still loves us. (more…)

Much has been said about the ”Christian vote”, an expression often associated with those nasty-right-wing-religious-nuts imposing their morals on a secular society.

Given that 64 per cent of Australians call themselves Christian, according to the census, it is important to clarify what the Christian vote means.

Christians should be willing to change voting patterns after Christian reflection on particular policies. A believer who cannot imagine voting for the ”other side” has either determined that only one party aligns with the will of God or, more likely, is more attached to their cultural context than to the wisdom of scripture. (more…)