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Posted: 27 March, 2016 in My stuff
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Along with a handful of friends, I was up very early this morning for a liturgy of resurrection and to watch the sunrise. Today is Easter Sunday or, as it is becoming more commonly called, Resurrection Sunday.

The whole idea of resurrection from the dead, be it of Jesus or anyone else for that matter, is greeted with scepticism by most people. The idea being that once you’re dead you’re dead and apart from resuscitation with in a very short time frame most people stay that way. (more…)


Christ in Gethsemane - Michael O'BrienIntroduction

Today’s reading begins in the middle of the night and ends early the next evening, a period of no less than eighteen hours, probably more.  It covers the time we call Good Friday.  It begins in a garden and ends in a garden. It begins with prayer and ends with God’s command to rest.

The story is not very descriptive but does have some small details.  It is relatively short and to the point.

There is a lot of dialogue between the characters.

Luke’s Gospel, chapters 22 and 23 (more…)

A model of Herod's Temple

A model of Herod’s Temple

Luke does not give us a day to day account of Jesus movements during the week leading up to Passover.  I have broken chapters 20 and 21  into three sections rather arbitrarily. I will include the entire passages but I will not make comment on their entire contents. The chapters speak for themselves to some degree, as does the whole book of Luke. I encourage you to take your time and read to understand. Pause and ponder on the way. To the best of your ability put yourself in the text as an observer. Keep in mind that the original observers – Jesus’ follower/friends – didn’t get it all either. (more…)


Posted: 2 March, 2016 in My stuff
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Drone attackAn unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), also known as a combat drone or drone, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is usually armed with missiles. Aircraft of this type have no on-board human pilot.

Drones as combat weapons were first mentioned in a 1940 edition of Popular Mechanics; the idea coming from an inventor playing with radio and his mate, a TV mechanic. The first prototype military drone was knocked up by a nuclear physicist who also had a thing for radio controlled planes. He named his drone “Praeire”, Latin for ‘show the way’. The first time an armed drone was used in war was by Iran in the Iran-Iraq war in the late ‘80s. It was armed with half a dozen rocket propelled grenades. (more…)

The World upside down 2012 (ode à Pierrefonds)Have you ever had your world turned upside down?

I know some of you have. I know some of you have not only had your worlds turned upside down but shaken and thrown against a wall as well.

So were the emotions of the followers of Jesus following the events of that first Easter. (more…)

…a grain of wheat…

Posted: 19 March, 2013 in My stuff
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wheat-225x150If we are followers of Jesus, if he is the teacher and we are the learners then we need to learn from his example. He chose to do the will of his heavenly father. He calls us to do the same.
As we grow to be more like Jesus we must come to the point in our journey where we too can say ‘Not my will but yours be done’. (more…)

O Come, O Come, EmmanuelGod created us to be with him – he invited his people into his rest. He walked with them in the Garden in the cool of the evening. When they rebelled and were forced to leave the garden he went with them to protect them from themselves and each other.

He was with Abraham
He was with Moses
He was with Samuel
He was with David
He was with the prophets (more…)