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God is breaking four hundred years of silence.  He begins by sending  a message to Zachariah the priest and then closing his mouth so he can’t speak: God is going to do what God is going to do.

Then he sends his messenger to a young girl, Mary, who responds in absolute trust even though there is great risk attached.

Mary carries the Son of God inside her.  Towards the end of her pregnancy events impact her life. (more…)


Have you ever had to wait for something?   Not just any something but a really important something.

Four hundred years and no real word from God.  God’s people were waiting.  From their scriptures they could see that God brought them through judgement but had promised them a future.  That at the ‘Day of the Lord’ God’s promised Messiah would come and take the throne of David and rescue and redeem them from all of their enemies.  It was for this that they waited, hoped and longed for.

One day God would break his silence.  One day God would intervene.  One day God would rescue his people from foreign oppression.  One day God would make them his exclusive people again.

And so they waited. (more…)

Thank you God for not making me a Gentile [dog], a woman or a slave. Talmud – Shabbath 86a-86b.

So in this daily prayer from the Jewish Talud of the early second century we see a reflection of the role and something of the status of women in the period of Jesus ministry.

Yet women are an integral part of the Gospel narrative.  From Mary the mother of Jesus to Mary Magdalene in the Garden, women feature in the story of Jesus.  It is not so much what they do or say it is more the fact that they are recorded as being there in the first place.    An argument could probably be put that if not for Jesus scandalous association with women and the early churches radical acceptance of women as equals in faith and life all the women here would probably be segregated from men other than their fathers and husbands, confined primarily to the home and wearing veils when in public. (more…)

Jackie Evans brings us this week’s message.

Brian has been talking about some of the disciples of Jesus who were the twelve, the inner circle. But there were many others who were disciples, or followers who sought to understand what Jesus was saying and put this into practice. Amongst this crowd of disciples were many women. In fact if you look at the Gospels there are almost as many women mentioned as disciples of Jesus as there are men. This is very unusual in a culture that counted or talked about its men but not its women or children (When Matthew reports the feeding of the 5000 it was 5000 men not including women and children). Females belonged to or were the responsibility of the men, so if you counted the men you included the females who were with them and part of their family.

So today we are going to look at two of the women mentioned; Mary and Martha. (more…)