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Defining moments -definitionI didn’t grow up in church.  I do however remember the day of my christening.  I was about three years old.

My parents had neglected to have me ‘done’ when I was a baby.  We were staying with friends in Brisbane.  They had a son about my age, perhaps a little older.  His name was Jack, and he was to be christened the next morning.  Over a few beers too many my father decided to make it a double-header.  Jack and I would be Christened together.  Each set of parents being god-parents to the others’ kid. (more…)


Christ in Gethsemane - Michael O'BrienIntroduction

Today’s reading begins in the middle of the night and ends early the next evening, a period of no less than eighteen hours, probably more.  It covers the time we call Good Friday.  It begins in a garden and ends in a garden. It begins with prayer and ends with God’s command to rest.

The story is not very descriptive but does have some small details.  It is relatively short and to the point.

There is a lot of dialogue between the characters.

Luke’s Gospel, chapters 22 and 23 (more…)

End of World road signIntroduction

Today we come to one of the most difficult and therefore one of the most misunderstood passages of scripture. This passage has its parallels in Matthew and Mark’s Gospels. Interestingly enough, there is no corresponding passage in John’s Gospel, seeing that (depending on your interpretation) John lived through much of what is spoken about by Jesus.

It all started with an off hand remark. (more…)

Christ and the Pharisees- Anthony van DyckIntroduction

Jesus world was so similar to our in so many ways. There were different brands of politics across the spectrum from progressive to conservative. There were different brands of religion – from the old gods of Greece and Rome, the new ‘mystery religions from the east, Emperor worship, and the superstitions that grew in this multicultural environment.

In thee religion of the Jews there different brands as well. The Pharisees were a popular movement among the people but small in number. They carried a lot of sway. The Sadducees were the established priestly elite and had control of the Temple in Jerusalem. (more…)

A model of Herod's Temple

A model of Herod’s Temple

Luke does not give us a day to day account of Jesus movements during the week leading up to Passover.  I have broken chapters 20 and 21  into three sections rather arbitrarily. I will include the entire passages but I will not make comment on their entire contents. The chapters speak for themselves to some degree, as does the whole book of Luke. I encourage you to take your time and read to understand. Pause and ponder on the way. To the best of your ability put yourself in the text as an observer. Keep in mind that the original observers – Jesus’ follower/friends – didn’t get it all either. (more…)

The proper questionThe story goes that Jesus is approached by a man in a position of respect and authority. He has come to Jesus because he recognises him as a man of wisdom based on the quality of his character and his teaching. He is sincerely searching for some meaning to life and how that life can be worthy of the blessings of God.

For those of us who are in some way familiar with the Bible this story is known as the story of the rich, young ruler. For those of us who know it by that name we probably also miss the point of it completely. For those of us who may have never heard it before, we are the ones most likely to ask the questions that will lead to some understanding of it’s meaning. (more…)

Blackberry and gateWhen I was a kid there was a gate. On the other side of the gate there was a paddock. At the far end of the paddock was the bush. It was mostly paperbark trees with the occasional eucalypt and the usual low scrub. There was a well worn path through the bush and a couple of not so well worn alternatives. On the other side of the bush was friends and adventure.

On summer afternoons and weekends in general I so much wanted to be with friends and go on adventures. (more…)