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Did you miss me?

Posted: 17 June, 2012 in My stuff
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I’ve been busy and have not posted for a  couple of weeks.  Did you miss me?

There was  so much to post about but, being so much there was so less time to actually do it in.  My apologies.

Rather than push myself to get up to date I am choosing to put a green line through my to do list and start again from today.  If anyone is interested I have rough notes that I have not really worked from for messages i have given at our gatherings.  Drop me a line I will gladly share what I have.  In an effort to reduce workload we have (eventually) worked out how to record the spoken messages from  our times together.  I will be posting them up instead of (and possibly sometimes as well as) the written outline.  I know some would rather have a  written piece that they can either read or just scan.  I know, I do that myself.  yet there are others who prefer to listen or download and listen to at another time.  I apologise that, at present, I can not do both. (more…)


Sunday Night with John Cleary:

An interview with Sam Childers; the Machine Gun Preacher and Jarrod McKenna; peace activist.

Sunday Night with John Cleary